Tuesday 26th July

13.25pm Introduction and opening remarks Lecture Room 4
13.30pm Plenary lecture: Tony Claydon, King David's return: scriptural ambiguities and the monarchical restoration of 1660 Lecture Room 4
14.45pm Refreshments
15.15pm Panel Session

The catholic experience of displace

Alison Shell, Popish plots, catholic boys: Dramas in London and St Omer

Mark Shearwood, ‘Vienna, You're having a 'Craic', Irish troops sold into the service of Emperor Leopold I of the Habsburg Empire

Lecture Room 4

Whiggery displaced

John McTague, From London to Leiden to Mortlake: John Partridge’s radical circles

Geoff Kemp, Locke’s internal displacement: local ties and political connections

Lecture Room 5
16.20pm Break
16.30pm Panel Session

Neo-Latin culture

Caroline Spearing, Rome-on-Thames: the Restoration and the classical legacy

Luke Houghton, ‘Golden times in Iron ages room’: Virgilian Golden Age themes in English and Latin poems on the restoration of the Stuart Monarchy

Lecture Room 4
19.15pm Hot Buffet Dinner (for those who have pre-booked) Teras Room 3

Round table: Presenting the history of slavery to the Public

Discussion led by Misha Ewan; Marian Gwyn; Rupert Goulding; and Rita McClean

Powis Hall
21.45pm Close

Wednesday 27th July

09.15am Plenary lecture: Mark Goldie: The exiles’ return: whig retribution in 1689 Lecture Room 4
10.30am Refreshments
11.00am Panel Sessions


Ann Hughes, All his engagements buried in his brother's grave?': the Gells of Hopton, Derbyshire, marital dilemmas and London dissent

Nigel Smith, English puritans and republicans and the politics of the Dutch Republic and the German principalities

Tim Cooper, Richard Baxter on the eve of the Restoration: displacement, with no return

Lecture Room 4

Perspectives on exile and return

Alastair Barnet, The role of the navy in cementing Charles II’s regime

David Fletcher, ‘”Passeing upon the Road”: the mobility of the nonconformist clergy displaced after the 1662 Great Ejection’

Sheryl Wombell, Navigating health in exile and exile with health: William Cavendish's book of receipts, c.1647-54

Lecture Room 5
12.30pm Lunch Powis Hall
13.30pm Plenary lecture: Sharon Achinstein: Paradise Lost and the poetics of the border Lecture Room 4
14.45pm Refreshments
15.15pm Panel Session

Aphra Behn and displacement

Elaine Hobby, Aphra Behn returns to Naples: Behn’s problem with James II’s accession

Helen Wilcox, ‘Sold off, as slaves, to another country’: geographical and moral displacement in Oroonoko

Lecture Room 4
16.20pm Break
16.30pm Short Sessions

The image of Stuart Britain from abroad

Kate Loveman, The strangeness of Stuart Britain in the travel narratives of Peter Mundy and Edward Barlow.

Lecture Room 5

Exiles return (video linked session)

Warren, Chernaik, Exiles' return: Cowley, Waller, Hobbes

Lecture Room 4
17.15pm Close of Papers
19.30pm Conference Dinner (for those who have pre-booked) Teras Room 3 Close

Thursday 28th July

09.30am Plenary Lecture Robin Gwynn: Revocation and Revolution: Huguenot refugees in Britain, and the defeat of Louis XIV’s France Lecture Room 4
10.45am Refreshments
11.15am Panel Sessions

Restoration Milton

Margaret Kean, Paradise Regained: citations in the wilderness
Thomas N. Corns, Miltonius Exul: exiles literary and biographical

Lecture Room 4

Atlantic Returns

Adrian C. Weimer, Publique calamity threatned”: New England and the Post-Restoration political settlement
Kate Mulry. Transplanting ‘teeming’ women to seventeenth-century Pennsylvania 
Pranav Jain, John Selden’s Historie of Tithes (1618) in Post-Revolutionary England, 1689-1714

Lecture Room 5
12.45pm Lunch Powis Hall
14.00pm End of Conference